Deputy Craig A. Heber, Master Aviation Pilot
Orange County Sheriff's Office
16" x 20' Pastel on Velour

Deputy First Class Brandon Lee Coates
Orange County Sheriff's Office
16" x 20" Pastel on Velour

COL Danny McKnight, USA (Ret.) of Black Hawk Down

COL Danny McKnight, USA (Ret.)
12" x 16" Pastel on Velour

USAF Pharmacist

16" x 20" conte on velour

   18" x 24" pastel on velour
It was my honor to do this portrait for retired NY Police Officer who rushed to the scene on 9/11.

We salute this Marine currently serving our country overseas. We appreciate you, Sir!

Chaplain Lyle Schmeiser, DAV Chapter 16, Orlando, FL
and his dear wife, Evelyn.

We thank you for your service!

Pastel on velour